Russia v1.03 FS 2017

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Russia v1.03 FS 2017

Changes v1.03: Words by the author:
1. I put the guards on the old quarry and forest zone. You can throw a technique, or who will not touch.
2. Added random events.
3. Agreed with the thieves, money will not steal much.
4. Expanded the exit from the hardware store.
5. Garbage and old bales on the farm can be removed by paying workers, as at the carpool. Old equipment on the farm can be rented on a metal.
6. Has corrected pollution at animals.
7. Meat products and fabric are now taken away on the railway.
8. Pallets with seeds, fertilizers and liquid fertilizers in the warehouse, will appear next to their markers.
9. BHA is now a purchased factory. Produces liquid gas (methane), gas in cylinders, a byproduct – digestat.
10. The tank farm appeared. It sells fuel cheaper than at gas stations.
11. Point of purchase of fuel appeared. Look at the menu who is now buying fuel.
12. I have worked pedestrian traffic.
13. I installed a feed mixer for pigs.

Map “Russia” with the functional DK. For the construction of its motor depot it is necessary to deliver construction materials, there are factories both on the DK, in addition a meat-packing plant and a textile factory. Cows are sold at the MTF, pigs at the STF, and sheep and chickens at the Highlanders. If you do not have enough resources for production, all you need to buy is. In the brigade you can buy all the crops. You can buy potatoes, beets, carrots at the vegetable store. On STF you can buy pig food, hay, straw, silage. On MTF you can buy milk. You start the game with one Gas-66, you do not have any more equipment. On an easy level of complexity you will have 1,000,000 and 10 heads of cattle, on an average of 600,000 and five heads of cattle, on a complex one – 300,000 and all, twist as you like.

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