Repented V 1.0 FS2017

FS 17 Maps

Repented V 1.0 FS2017

Welcome to Reute

This map is an imitation of our place and its surroundings. It is designed for small and medium sized devices.


Standard fruit: wheat, barley, rapeseed, soybeans, potatoes, sugar beet, oil rind

Additional crops: hops (to be harvested with combine harvester)



Barley, hops, water and pallets, then beer is produced.


Flour, pallets and water, then bread is produced.


Potatoes, wheat, barley, pallets and water, then liquor is produced.


Soybeans, wheat and pallets, then flour is produced for the bakery.


Rape and sunflowers, fuel is produced.


Fuel, then sand is produced.


Fuel, then vehicles can be fueled.


With the delivery of compost from our own production and water, apples are produced. Transport / collection of crates with FS17_flieglRearDeck_UAL ( ).


When apples, water and pallets are delivered, apple juice is produced.

Cheese factory:

Milk and pallets, then cheese is produced.

Fertilizer production:

Dung and liquid manure, fertilizer is produced. Camp in the siloon the site of the land trade. The standard strapping machines can be filled there.

Seed production:

Fertilizer and grain (wheat, barley, maize), then seed is produced.

Compost Master:

Manure or straw and fuel, then compost is produced.

Compound feed station:

Power feed is mixed from straw, grass, silage.

Pig feed station:

Pig feed is made from corn, potatoes / sugar beets / carrots, rapeseed /Soybeans / sunflower and cereals.

Sawyer work:

There is the sawmill of Marhu, where wood is produced, wood chips or straw serve as the fuel.


Where pallets are made from boards, wood chips or straw serve as fuel.

Butcher’s shop:

After delivery of animals and pallets meat and sausage is produced. Meat sale in the hotel, sausage sale in the clubhouse. For this you need the vehicles from the ModPack from Kastor Food Inc. Tierverarbeitungspack v2.0.0.0 for LS 17 ( ).


Sale of wood chips.


There is the main course for wheat, barley, rape, soybeans, corn, sunflowers and hops.

A second is in Wherever anything but hops, can be stored.

There is a camp for potato, and sugar beet in Geratsweiler.

The warehouse for compost is located at the machine hall.

wooden train:

There is the wooden train. If this is the case, you can leave the train after the loading on the lever. After some time, a bonus is added to the normal yield.

Sold at:

At land and in Geratsweiler.

The rest as before.

So that you can drive your milk yourself please stopMilkSale Mod into your mods folder.

Map is ChoppedStraw Ready

in your mods folder.

Log is error-free.

The pack contains a forklift, a narrow pallet fork and a description.

Many thanks to all modders, who made this map possible only through their great work

and now have fun

your Jonah

Idea / Concept:
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