-17 fields from them 1 field is yours.
-Large zones of natural forestry.
-Installed mods are one of the best creators of mods around.
-Good choice of equipment for use
-Golden nugget and additional missions from farmers.
-KPK card is custom. Free water.
-Diesel fuel, liquid fertilizer, fertilizer, manure, seed production.
-Production of pallet with loader trays and autosell triggers.
-The map and error logs were tested on MP servers.
-The gate is opened with the left mouse button.
Mixing stations for mixing cows and pigs.
Required Fashion: Kotte Universal Pack

-Changes: New buildings added to the farm, bugs fixed.
-Added new channels of foliage.
-The map is redrawn with new foliage.
-Added new fruits of polba, tritacle, sorghum and millet.
-Luzhi added on the map.
-Animated boat speed with night lighting added.
-All fruit is shown in the PDA with prices.
-The greenhouses are grouped in Mervils.
-Selling of pallets for greenhouses condenses.
“The slow shed added.”
-The sale price adjusted to make the card more difficult.
-Landscape of changes and fixes added.
-Gold coins were adjusted if necessary.
-New update of PDA card.
-New grass-meadow and certain fields created in the back of the cow zone.
-New milk additions triggers and the sales location has changed.
-New sales points for liquid manure, litter, compost, manure and fermentation added.
-Added new storage.
-Added new storage for water, fertilizers, fuel, fertilizers and seeds throughout the map.
-The hedge was fixed.
-Compost master conveyor particles rotate.
-Field 4 is angled 90 degrees for AI missions, so the surface of the corner is the same as in the field worked.
-Points of sales adjusted for new fruits in the map.
-New custom sounds added to the map for daytime nature and night time.
-Explicit sounds on the map are removed, like waves of sounds in the fields, sawmills sounds in the Jibs and tunnel sounds.
-The master is adjusted for better access.
-The gate is adjusted to the meadow for better access.
-All seeds master trough auger raised for better vehicle access.
-Khutorskoy seeds Admine access has improved.
-Additional details on the map.
-The sales points are slightly adjusted if necessary to provide a clean PDA card.
– Underwater leaves and detail, added on the map.
-The capacity is increased by some items.
-Added new signs and textures, where necessary.
-Snow Manure Fixed Manure.
-Seeds and fertilizer in the Midland shed Added, it cost you money.
-Added new lighting, where necessary.
-Pole 5 The size is adjustable.
-See the size of the tower increased for better access.
-Sarate in sizes to adjust for better vehicle access.
-New water-driven mill.
-New nursery workers.
-Use of water is reduced to greenhouses.
-The loading of the pipes is added to the greenhouse of the container with water.
-Field 6 2 floating trees fixed.
-The ground straw is updated to the last and chopped straw add all the multifruits.
-Multifruit foliage and texture distance matched.
-All Multifruit Texture Foiliage adjust.
-The purpose of the shovel Added to sell piles, compost piles of plants, seeds and fertilizer shop input triggers, bio fertilizer, heap separators and ferment silage fill the trigger.
-The pig production of the food mixer is raised to prevent the highest means of hitting it.
-Small silo clamp added to the cow.
-Soloms The width of the barn is increased for better access.
-Pomid Vegetable growing object is added to the collective farm yard.
-Access to the improved feed mixer for the cow.
-Access to improved in BGA output.
-Added storage in BGA for diesel fuel, liquid fertilizer and fertilizer.
-Klenov added with a new dark texture.
-Added more trees in natural forests.
-The fine section pass normally, with the Damcon tree planter.
-Distance of the boundary of slabs, wood.
-Picture Preview images are updated.
– Adjust the initial means.
-The cow is adjusted Navmesh.
-To adjust the cow trough.
-Gates added a cow at the top of the zone.
-Field 2 Added mileage in the game launch.
-There is much more, but you will never notice, enjoy the final version of the map.
-Complete credits in additional text files.

Stevie. Translation: Dragon-tis
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