FS19 HoT online F4rm 2020 RUS + FACTORY PACK v2.0.2.0

FS 17 mods

FS19 HoT online F4rm 2020 RUS + FACTORY PACK v2.0.2.0

The map and pack of mods of production and technology has been translated into Russian. (text and textures)

Lots of fields. The map is made on the real terrain in Germany and the real landscape is sustained. River crossings. Crane management for unloading trains. Animals can be processed into meat (except for Horses). Many industries (beer, alcohol drinks, juices, preserves, bread, etc.). The dirt mod is built into the map. Support for fashion seasons, fruit farms, greenhouses.

Events on the map can lead to events such as road blocking, undeclared work, tree felling, etc. Various small changes in production and their terrain. Trees that were too close to the road were moved. The waterway has been revised and more.

The GlobalCompany mod is required (there is a version in the archive, corrected and fully functional). The HIP mod – GlobalMarket 2020 is compatible with the card. The archive contains the map, mandatory and recommended mods. Unzip the archive in the Mods folder.

Archive Content:
All mods are Russified.
– HoF2020.zip – map
– FS19_GlobalCompany.zip _ RUS
– HoT_Buildings.zip – buildings
– HoT_Animals.zip – Livestock
– HoT_foodMaker.zip – feed production
– HoT_HoFpack2.zip – production and etc.
– HoT_Hops_Equipment.zip – equipment
– HoT_Transport_System.zip – transport
– FS19_animalLimitIncreaser.zip – raises the limit of buildings for animals from 10 to 32
– FS19_manureSystem.zip – hoses for pumping liquids
– FS19_MoreBunkersilo.zip – silos
– FS19_SeasonsAnimalsFix.zip – expansion of livestock production in the seasons
– FS19_seasonsGEO_HoT.zip – climate of the real area for the fashion seasons
– FS19_simpleIC.zip
– hot_autowash.zip – car wash
– HoT_GreenHouses.zip – Greenhouses
– HoT_Project_Green.zip – Mobile Coop (requires GlobalCompany and higher)
– HoT_Xmas.zip – Christmas products (cookies, gingerbread cookies, mulled wine and punch) require GlobalCompany

HoT online Team, translation: matrixukr
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